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Combine your NeonCRM and myRollCall accounts to keep event, donor and email management all in one place. With years of nonprofit experience and a deep understanding of how your organization works, NeonCRM’s nonprofit software is designed to scale with you.

Import NeonCRM events into myRollCall

Integrating your NeonCRM and myRollCall accounts allows you to effortlessly import event data, like location and campaign name, from NeonCRM into myRollCall. Once inside the myRollCall platform, you can expand your event using all the myRollCall tools you’ve come to know and love, including ticket sales, mobile check-in/-out, donation collection, event promotion, vendor payments, etc.

Export valuable guest data to NeonCRM

Once you’ve hosted your successful fundraising event, you will want to track all the guests in attendance and, of course, be able to reach out to them in the future. In short, you want to get your guest data into NeonCRM. With one click of a button, you can export both your guest and financial data from the event into NeonCRM.

Export those precious financial records to NeonCRM

Your past fundraising events were smash hits. But afterwards, you’re stuck manually pulling data into your CRM in order to organize it, track it, and further monetize it for years to come. We know that isn’t always easy, and have created a simple, seamless solution. By integrating your NeonCRM account with myRollCall, you no longer have to worry about manual data entry or bloated spreadsheets. With one click of a button, you can export your event’s ticket sales and donation records to your NeonCRM account. You will be able to export not only your guest data but also your financial data into NeonCRM, so optimizing your event’s data has never been easier.

Intelligent data mapping

Financial and guest data is only as useful as it is accurate. With the integration of myRollCall and NeonCRM, we make sure any data, including all ticket sales and donations of all forms, exported from myRollCall to NeonCRM is unique and accurate.

Before exporting any guest data into NeonCRM, myRollCall checks your NeonCRM account to see if there is an existing NeonCRM record for that individual by checking for a full name and email match. If myRollCall finds a matching record in NeonCRM, it will not duplicate that individual account data. If there is not a matching record in NeonCRM, myRollCall will create an individual account in NeonCRM for that guest. Any existing myRollCall guest data will be included in the creation of that NeonCRM individual account, making sure you get the most information possible from your event. Even if a guest didn’t make a transaction at your event, their data is still exported to NeonCRM.

For your financial records, myRollCall creates a new event registration record within NeonCRM to link an individual’s event transactions to their respective NeonCRM account.

Connecting myRollCall and NeonCRM (video only)

BEFORE you create your event in myRollCall or click the green “Get Started” button below to begin NeonCRM Integration, it is important to first make sure you create an event in NeonCRM and have your API Key and Organization ID from NeonCRM. Here is a short video (no audio) we highly recommend you watch before proceeding:

When logged into your NeonCRM account, click on “System Settings” in the side navigation and then on “Organization Profile”. Your Organization ID is located on this page. To find your API Key, you must create one for a System User. This can be done by navigating to “System Settings” → “System Users” from within NeonCRM.

Need more help finding your NeonCRM API Key and Organization ID? No problem. The NeonCRM Developer Center contains more detailed instructions about this process. Once you have your API Key and Organization ID, click the green “Get Started” button below to begin the integration.

You will be routed to the myRollCall sign-in page. If you do not already have a myRollCall account, click on “Sign up” in blue underneath the “Sign-in” options. If you do already have a myRollCall account, go ahead and sign-in using your preferred method. Once you are logged in to your myRollCall account there will automatically be a popup box titled “Integrating NeonCRM & myRollCall.” This dialogue box will walk you through the process of using your NeonCRM API Key and Organization ID to authenticate your myRollCall and NeonCRM accounts. See the screenshots below for an example of this dialogue box. Box not appearing? Make sure you begin the Integration by clicking the green “Get Started” button below. This is the only place to begin the integration process. Go ahead and enter your NeonCRM API Key and Organization in the boxes provided and click “Authenticate.” Once the authentication is complete, you will see a green banner at the top of your screen. Click that and you will see the NeonCRM sync banner.

Once your myRollCall and NeonCRM accounts are integrated, you will find the NeonCRM Sync banner at the top of every page in myRollCall. There are three options in this banner: “Import event,” “Export data,” and “Disconnect.” See the screenshots below for examples.

Create your event – importing your NeonCRM event
The “Import event” option allows you to quickly and easily turn any of your upcoming NeonCRM events into myRollCall events! Clicking “Import event” from the banner at the top of your screen will open a dialogue box entitled, “Event import.” Here you will find information on what data myRollCall will pull from your NeonCRM account – basic event details for any pending events. By clicking the blue “Get events” button, myRollCall finds all your events in NeonCRM that have not yet begun and presents them to you in a list. See the screenshots below. Any event that has been given the code “myRollCall” in your NeonCRM account will appear in bold. As long as the event has not yet begun, you can import any NeonCRM event into myRollCall!

*It is important to note the event must first exist in NeonCRM before it can be imported into myRollCall. If you wish to use myRollCall and NeonCRM for a new event, simply create the event in NeonCRM, using only the required information, and then you will find it in the list of events to import into myRollCall. It is also required you have created a ticket type with the exact name “myRollCall” in your NeonCRM event. Beyond creating a “myRollCall” ticket type, it is highly recommended you enter the majority of your event details on your myRollCall event page rather than on your NeonCRM event page.

Once you’ve selected the event you wish to import from NeonCRM, click the “Make event” button and you’ve begun creating your myRollCall event. Any available details, such as name or location, will be prepopulated in the “Create an event” options. Once you complete the dialogue, you have successfully turned your NeonCRM event into a myRollCall event!

After your event – exporting data into NeonCRM
Once you’ve begun to sell tickets and/or collect donations for your upcoming event, you can use the second option in the Sync banner: “Export data.” This option allows all your guest and financial records to be painlessly exported from your myRollCall event into you NeonCRM account. You will no longer have to manually enter data or export/import bulky spreadsheets. With just a few clicks of a button, your data is exported from myRollCall into NeonCRM.

When you click the “Export data” button, a dialogue box will open entitled “Export.” Here you will see a list of all your events from which you can export data. You can only export information from an event if you are an Organizer and it already exists in NeonCRM. See the screenshots below. Once you select your event and click the blue “Export Now” button, both your guest and financial data will begin exporting into NeonCRM. You will see a green confirmation banner at the top of your screen with more details. Don’t forget to withdraw any funds from your custodial account to match the new financial data in NeonCRM.

To disconnect your NeonCRM and myRollCall accounts, simply click “Disconnect” in the sync banner. Look for a green confirmation message to appear at the top of your screen signifying the disconnect has occurred. Once your accounts are no longer synced, you will no longer be able to export any data into NeonCRM. To resync, simply click the green “Get Started” button below as if it were your first time to perform the integration, and continue as usual from there.

If you have any problems or concerns about your integration of myRollCall and NeonCRM, we are here to help. Contact us at at any time.

For quick reference, the data points that are shared between myRollCall and NeonCRM upon integration are:

  • Data types created in NeonCRM
    • Individual Records
    • Donation Records
    • Event Registration Records
  • Data types retrieved from NeonCRM
    • Basic event details for all future events
    • Individual full name and email
  • Fields sent to NeonCRM from myRollCall
    • Guest
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Email
      • Address line 1
      • Address line 2
      • City
      • State
      • Zip
      • Phone
      • Company
    • Financial
      • Amount
      • Time
      • Event
      • ID
      • and any of the guest data, as appropriate
  • Fields retrieved from NeonCRM
    • Individual
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Email
    • Event
      • Name
      • Code
      • ID
      • Campaign
      • Location (Venue)
      • City
      • State
      • Start time
      • Start date

Here are some common Questions & Answers related to the integration:

I want to begin the integration but I don’t see the “Integrate with NeonCRM & myRollCall” dialogue box where I enter my NeonCRM API Key and Organization ID?

Make sure you began the integration by clicking on the green “Get Started” button at the bottom of the NeonCRM Partner page. This is the only place you can begin the integration. Then make sure you are signed into your myRollCall account. If you do not yet have a myRollCall account, you must create one.

My event isn’t showing in the “Import event” dialogue box?

Make sure you have already created the event in NeonCRM, and that the start date in NeonCRM is set to some future date.

I’m not seeing the event I want to export data from in the “Export” dialogue box after clicking “Export all” in the Sync banner?

To export data from any event in myRollCall into NeonCRM, you must have already created the event in NeonCRM and you must be an “Organizer” of the event in myRollCall.

How do I export my guest data to NeonCRM?

You can export both your guest and financial data using the “Export all” option in the Sync banner.

How do I export my Financial data to NeonCRM?

You can export both your financial and guest data using the “Export all” option in the Sync banner.

How quickly is my data exported from myRollCall to NeonCRM?

The export process begins immediately and is normally completed within a minute or two. In rare cases, you might have to wait up to an hour for your data to appear in NeonCRM. If you still do not see your data from myRollCall in your NeonCRM account, please contact

I’m not seeing all my financial data in NeonCRM from my myRollCall event?

At this time, we are only able to sync ticket purchases and any accompanying donation records. Any store purchases are not exported to your NeonCRM account.

When and how often can I export my data from myRollCall?

As soon as you have your first guest or transaction in your event, you can export your data. You can also export your data as many times as you wish–you do not need to worry about data previously exported being duplicated in NeonCRM, whether a financial or guest record.

Is there any automatic data export from myRollCall to my NeonCRM account?

No. At this time the export of any data only occurs when the user begins the process by using the export option in myRollCall.