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Introducing a Partnership with Kindful

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Nonprofit Fundraising

Since you work in nonprofit fundraising, we know you wear many hats, organizing everything from the guest list to bid collections. We understand the pangs of nonprofit life and are always looking for simple, modern tools to streamline these processes so you can spend less time juggling databases and more time where it counts: raising money for a cause you’re passionate about.

Our Partnership with Kindful

That’s why we’re excited to announce a partnership with the innovative team over at Kindful. Like us, Kindful believes nonprofits should be able to spend less time focused on their database, and more time focused on their mission. So, they’ve created an intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to help you better connect with and understand your donors and, ultimately, raise more funds.

Benefits of Our Partnership

What does that mean for you? Easy, instant access to both your CRM and event management tools all in one place! In addition to myRollCall’s existing services (event creation and promotion, ticket sales, donation collection, vendor payments, funds disbursement, mobile check-in/out, table management, tracking guest transactions, etc.), users will now also have seamless access to:

  • Contact records including donors & their donations, recurring gifts, and giving history;
  • Pre-made report templates to highlight powerful statistics;
  • Customized emails to automatically thank donors;
  • And an easy-to-use dashboard that shows new giving and contact data in real time.

Combining Our Powers

With the combined powers of myRollCall and Kindful, you can instantly sync all your donor data with all fundraising event transactions in one simple click! Give yourself a more comprehensive look at your data for deeper insights into the successes of your events, and the giving habits of your donors.

Now, go forth and take your newfound power and raise more money than ever before!

To get started, simply visit the App section within Kindful and connect myRollCall.

Want to learn more about how to host the best event possible? Sign-up for our “Simplify, Modernize & Monetize Fundraising Events” webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 12pm EST / 9am PST by RSVPing to Brian Kurth at

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