Topics: Manage Your Event

Common questions from organizers when creating & managing events.

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What does my Form 1099-K report to me?

What information must be reported on the Form 1099-K?

Who receives a 1099-K?

What do I do with my 1099-K?

What do I do if I think my 1099-K is incorrect?

What is an event?

If I haven’t met my minimum myRollCall fee amount, how do I pay the minimum fee from the platform?

Can I change my event category selection?

Are reunion events considered volunteer-led events?

How are minimum transaction fees collected?

What are myRollCall’s minimum transaction fees?

How do I transfer attendees to a different event or ticket type manually?

How do I email my guests through myRollCall?

How do I see any event’s financial information with event invoices?

How do I resend an order confirmation receipt?

How do I look up transactions?

How do I contact the myRollCall Sales team?

How do I contact myRollCall Customer Support?

What currency options are available?

How do I edit my guest list?

How do I remove my organizer profile?

Can I add a PDF to an event listing?

Can I translate my events in languages other than English?

Can I add a video to an event listing?

How do I update the event’s time zone?

How do I set up discount or promo codes for an event?

Can I set up a repeating event schedule?

How do I set and restrict my event’s total capacity?

How do I generate a report on my event attendees?

Can I customize my organization, group and/or event URL?

Are there privacy settings for my event?

Will my event listing be optimized for mobile browsers?

How do I set up an event that doesn’t require tickets?

Why isn’t my event showing in search?

How do I choose a great event image?

How do I change the ticket price after tickets have been sold?

Can I create an event without a date and/or time?

Do I need to create a profile to create an event?

How do I create an event?

How do I cancel an event?

What fees does myRollCall charge?