How myRollCall works
Whether you are organizing a charity fundraiser, an alumni chapter get-together or a high school class reunion, you have to wear many hats.
myRollCall wears those hats for you.
myRollCall’s mobile app offers easy check-in, check-out and day-of-event donation collection.
Create your community
Engage with an existing community or create a new community. It’s simple. It’s easy. Sign up for free via email or your Facebook profile.
Create an event
Upload photos, add details and description, and select ticketing options including accepting online payments and/or donations.
Promote your event
Spread the word about your event via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other place you can image. Attendees can share with their friends and family from your event page.
Issue event tickets
Accept payment via credit and debit cards. Easily track RSVPs, tickets, receipts and refunds from your dashboard.
Collect donations
Receive one-time and recurring donations directly in your custodial bank account.
Pay vendors
Pay your event vendors from your custodial bank account. You no longer need to use your own bank account or credit card.
Disburse funds
Cut a check to your recipient organization or reimburse yourself directly from your custodial bank account. You no longer need to co-mingle funds with your own bank account.
Copy your event, repeat
Why start all over? Instantly duplicate your last event to create your next event. Simply change the date, time and/or venue and you are set to go!
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